CNC Design and Machining

At Stoos Customs we do all of our CNC maching in-house on our Haas VF2 Milling Machine. We also take on outside work, making custom machined parts available to all kinds of Custom Manufacturers. Our goal is to make CNC machining available to more people in more industries, without the usual hefty price tag.

We can assist you all the way.

With our team of in-house CNC machinists and CAD designers, we can help bring your designs to life from concept to bolt-on.

Wide Knowledge Base

Our team has years worth of experience creating the best parts, from the most suitable materials, in the most cost effective ways.

Not only Motorcycles

At Stoos Customs our obvious passion is Motorcycles, but it does not end there. We love creating all sorts of metal objects. Get in touch with us for any type of machining required.

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