Bike Customisation

Stoos Customs is your one-stop leader in motorcycle customisation, with a CNC milling machine inside our workshop, a keen eye for American V-Twin stylish design and expert mechanical knowledge of motorcycle performance. We can design motorcycle parts to spec, assist in designing a look for you and change your bikes look and performance to suit your riding style.

From exhausts, handlebars, tanks and forks through to performance we can assist with every possible custom job your ride needs. Drop us a message for any customisation job you need.

Custom Exhausts

Whether you’re looking to fit an aftermarket brand of exhaust to your American V-Twin or get Stoos Customs Exhaust made and installed, we’ve got you covered. Give your Harley a solid performance gain with a unique sound.

Fender Chops & Cuts

Tired of the same chunky fenders that came stock with your beautiful ride? Bring your beauty in and we’ll give her a fresh new look that makes your ride stand out. You’ll give your V-Twin a completely new look to enjoy on the open road.

Custom Tank Lifts

Expose more of those beautiful American V-Twin muscle engines with a custom bike tank lift at Stoos Customs. Give your tank or fender a fresh coat of paint To create a unique new look to your motorcycle that everyone will recognise.

Custom Handlebars

Changing your grip changes your ride. Your American V-Twin should be tamed beneath your grip and getting customised handlebars is one of the best ways to improve your daily ride. Offering a different stylish look as well, Stoos Customs can get you fitted with new Touring, Ape Hangers Drag or Z handlebars, along with any accessory changes for your bike.

Extra Performance Tweaks

There’s always an extra bit of power to be drawn from your American V-Twin bike that with a few custom tweaks from Stoos Customs will come to life. Book an appointment to improve your overall riding experience as our experienced technicians open up your engine to let her sing a little louder for you.

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