The Heathen

With 80 Horsepower at 5200 rpm, The Heathen roars with the brutal simplicity of a crafted beast. This motorcycle was built as a labour of love and featured at the International Bike Show in 2018 “The Golend Bolt” after being selected by House of Machines.

Built in 2017 by Alex Stoos as a personal project, The Heathen features a Twin Cam 88 Harley Davidson engine with a 5-speed gearbox and features a 2″ open primary belt drive system. Built with respect to the origins of the original Twin Cams but with a modern injection of advanced Beringer braking systems and integrated electronics of a digital speedometer and LED headlamp.

A meld of the old and new, the Heathen is as its name states: a magnificent outsider of the classic twin cam builds with a bestial attitude.