Brutal Simplicity. It’s the ethos that drives our technicians at the start of each custom American V-Twin design project. It’s the focus for every aftermarket customisation project we undertake, whether its a suspension upgrade, exhausts or a sleek new seat and motorcycle custom tank installation. It’s the attention to detail every time we service a Harley Davidson, tweaking each and every part of your ride to ensure you have the best possible ride when you leave the workshop.

With international mechanical expertise, the latest in CNC technology and the unrelenting passion for motorcycles, Stoos Customs is South Africa’s leading American V-Twin Bike Workshop. We build one-of-a-kind motorcycles that don’t simply look like mechanized art but provide raw performance unlike any American V-Twin you’ve ever ridden before. We finely tune the optimal performance out of each Harley that we service and are able to remodel your standard motorcycle into the beast you’ve always wanted to ride.


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