Ceramics Coating

Protection against wear and tear an keeping your ride in peak performance is a constant concern for most vehicle owners. Heat, abrasion and corrosion can impact the daily performance as well as cause an eyesore that can also increase the risk of value loss. Stoos Customs now offers Cerokote ceramic coating protection for exhausts and other performance parts to improve your vehicle performance, look and durability. We’ve chosen to partner with Cerokote as they are the world’s best ceramic coating company with endorsements from the British and American military and police forces as well as leading vehicle mechanics around the world.

What Needs Coating?

Stoos Customs recommends coating of all high performance parts and especially those exposed to high heat exposure such as exhausts, brake calipers, engine barrels and manifolds. Our coatings aren’t simply for American V-twins and their two wheeled brethren, as we’d also recommend performance & vintage car owners to have their rides improved with ceramic coatings on exhaust headers!

Benefits of Ceramic Coatings

Protection & Performance are the key characteristics of Cerokote ceramic vehicle coatings. Cerokote will keep parts protected against chemicals and scratches and improve performance by offering better heat transfer and increasing the longevity of your parts. All of this will be packaged in an aesthetically pleasing gun metal matt coating or another of the many choices offered by Cerokote that will not fade with 100% UV stability and withstands thermal shock.

Application with Stoos Customs

So bring in your vehicle and let us give you a full assessment and how Cerkote ceramic coatings will benefit your ride. We’ll strip the parts, preparing them professionally with Aluminium oxide blasting, meticulously coating them in Cerokote and then baking them in our ovens for durability. Everything is conducted in house with about a week turnaround time ensuring that the process and end product lives up to the high standard of our workshop.

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