The Jackal


This creature demands respect, whether riding alone or in a pack,
it stands it’s ground. Secretly packing 1442ccs of pure Harley Davidson Evo muscle, it’s the poster boy for hidden potential.
It’s tamed with drag style bars fitted with internal, hidden brake and clutch lines for a clean, sly look.

The stainless steel 316 exhaust builds on the slick design, with a hidden, hand-fabricated oil tank situated under the gearbox. Everything about The Jackal is unexpected, subtle and simple.

A Motogadet speedo fitted in a billet housing welded directly onto the bars help you comprehend your velocity, while a Makuni carb with velocity stack keeps the heart pumping.

The demented chimera of a Harley Board Tracker and a Harley Bobber,
‘The Jackal’ will snatch up the kilometres and leave nothing but dust in it’s wake.