SC Bomber



Are you prepared to live with yourself after you’ve dropped 1340 megatons of bliksem on the tar mac?
The bomber is the perfect combination of shellshock and simplicity; everything you’re afraid of is there, everything else isn’t.

This makes it highly unsuitable for rookies, wimps, swak oues and those who are unkiff. With the twist clutch control you get on it, you go, no messing around, no complications.

The Matt army grey paint job is inspired by a colour scheme typically used on fighter planes and nothing else would have suited this bike.
Look at the bike. It’s badass.

This bomber flys low on fat takkies, with a 120mm tyre up front and 230mm in the back. Designed for short distances, high adrenaline and powered by a 1340 Harley Davidson EVO motor,
the Bomber gets in and out and everyone knows it was there.

You want it? Go get some.