F250 Black Edition



Chuck your ass aboard this infernal beast, take it by the horns and float across a river of fire.
This long-range grand tourer is comfortable, but that doesn’t mean it’s forgiving.
In it’s eyes, you’re the matador and the odds are never in your favour.

Simple brutality is what defines the F250 Black Edition.
Ingenius craft meets daft when you add a 1400cc Twin Cam Harley Davidson motor that’s ready to huff, puff and gore a rodeo clown.

This bike is short, stocky and black. Very black. Like a ninja, or a stealth bull, but it’s never quiet, it’s loud.
So don’t use this bike to sneak up and frighten people, they’ll be terrified before you even get there.

There’s very little about this bike that isn’t custom. Specially milled in speedometer,
rev counter and Stoos Custom billet headlights cast a beam of light over your dark path.
And look at these custom floorboards.
Look at them.
Not to overuse the bull metaphor but that’s a solid branding.

Every aspect of this bike is intimidating, simple and ferocious, but comfortable on those long journeys
with a soft tail frame & springer seat – we’re here to tear the asphalt.