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Alex Stoos has turned his garage dreams into a reality.
From a young age he was fixated with anything that involved petrol, bikes or mechanical toys.
He wrenched wrenches and fixed gears for most of his childhood.

He eventually left the confines of his garage and decided to spread his flying-grease-monkey wings over to America where he studied at MMI (Motorcycle Mechanics Institute).
The reason being – he was determined to turn his passion into his livelyhood.

After studying at MMI he moved to LA and fortunately landed an internship at Exile cycles under Russel Mitchell & Blake Schossler. There he took his mechanical knowledge from MMI and boosted it with fine craft skills learnt from the Exile masters of metalwork.

Once he’d done his time as a qualified intern,
he moved back to SA to start the dream… opening his own custom motorcycle shop.
Skills learnt at an international level are now in the hands of a creative South African petrolhead.
This is Stoos Customs.

“Subtlety is the ultimate form of extravagance.”

“I believe that less is more. If something has what it needs to function, it is perfect.
There is no need to paint an eagle on your tank and “chrome doesn’t get you home.”

If you own any form of Stoos custom product,
whether it a t-shirt or a custom built machine of majesty, power and grace,
you should share the same values.

“When you come to Stoos Customs, you’re coming for a Stoos Custom product.
You can pick and suggest any design, idea or line of inspiration, but I choose what I put my logo on.”

Let’s Talk

make a good life decision and get in touch with us. whether you want to build your dream bike, revive an old war-horse or add some custom flair to your weekend steed. Let’s build a relationship forged in metal.